Fall With My Family

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I know I promised to blog more this year, but I have clearly been slacking, since my last blog post was 6 months ago! So, I’ll be trying to blog my sessions every couple of days until I get caught up to the present!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons (after Christmas) so I absolutely love doing fall sessions indoors and out. This year I convinced my friends (whom I’ve known forever and call my sisters) and their mom, and my mom to do some photographs together. It’s a pretty attractive bunch of girls if I do say so myself! Of course I had to get my wiener dogs in there as well.

I hope you enjoy!


Travon’s Senior Session

Travon is graduating this year, and I was excited to photograph him for his senior portraits! He does hip hop dance and rap, so we made sure to get some photos that captured that part of his personality! I love photographing high school


Tom and Willow

Hello, everyone! I am moving more towards fine art pet portraits (timeless and classic) so I had two wonderful doggie models come into the studio a few weeks ago, and they did great!

Tom is a seasoned Weimaraner and has the best doggie smile. His best human bud jumped in a couple photos with him, which was super cute!

Willow is just a pup, and was a bit of a handful to get sitting still, but she did an awesome job as well! I don’t see Dalmatians too often anymore, so I was excited when her mom contacted me about the photos!

I can’t wait to do more pet portraits in the studio! Dogs, cats, and other furry, scaly, or feathery friends are always welcome!

Charisse and Camora

Happy Spring, everyone!

I met these two beautiful ladies a couple years ago when I was photographing a wedding. They were both in the bridal party. Camora was being a total grump, but she was the cutest thing! Now she’s older and did an awesome job for her photos with her mom! Charisse picked out some great spring colors, and the photos turned out great.

I hope you enjoy!

Carey Family and Clan

My good friend from Stivers High School (a million years ago) messaged me and let me know he was in town for his mother’s birthday, and that they would love to get some family photos for her as a gift! It was definitely great seeing him, as I haven’t seen him in 14 years! He’s got some super gorgeous sisters, who have three little cuties between the two of them. They were the first to be able to try out my new spring green backdrop, and the kids were quite entertaining during the session.

I hope grandma loves the portraits!

Baby Moriah

I’ve photographed Brendan and Starr for many years. They are military, so they move around quite a bit, but whenever they’re home, they book me! I photographed both their weddings (yes, to each other, haha) and have done lots of family photos for them.

When she told me she was pregnant with their third child, I was suuuuper excited! I’ve always wanted to do a military maternity and newborn session. Starr had a lovely baby bump, and their daughter is even lovlier! Born with a full head of hair and chunky cheeks, she is totally adorable!

Check out some of my favorite photos from their maternity session, their Fresh 48, and Moriah’s newborn session!


Marcus Turns One

I met Michelle and Marcus last year when a friend brought them in for a milk and cookies mini session at Christmas time. Marcus was super interested in eating the cookies, so when Michelle told me she wanted to book his cake smash session, I knew he was going to enjoy eating the cake!

She decided on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme, with two outfits. For the first background, I figured since the TMNT are superheros, why not go with a superhero background? He totally rocked that portion of his session with lots of teeth smiles!

I just put up a brick wall in my studio, so I thought making it look like he was in an alley would be just too good, since the TMNT live in the sewers! Hobby Lobby had this amazing little trash can that fit in perfectly with the alley theme. Marcus wasn’t very smiley eating his cake… but then again, stuffing face with cake is way too serious business to be smiley about!

I hope you enjoy the photos purchased from Marcus’s birthday session!