About Me

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my page! My name is Jamie. I am a Dayton, Ohio based photographer, and I have been photographing since the day my beautiful son was born, July 12, 2007! I officially started my business in 2009, photographing weddings, portraits and events.

Other than the inspiration my son has given me, my mother has also been a major supporter of my business, and of me in general. Growing up, my mom always thought it was important to have photographs and document our relationships and the things we did together as a family. We took family portraits almost every year. This is something I want others to realize is very important. Photographs help you remember things you would otherwise forget.

My favorite thing about photographing is being able to meet people and capture them as they are. Everyone has something beautiful about them, whether or not they realize it yet! As a female photographer, I really enjoy boudoir, glamour, maternity, engagements, and weddings, because these images can make women feel gorgeous and sexy.

I focus on the customer experience from start to finish, with an in-person or phone consultation, specialized portrait session, and in-person ordering session. I sell only quality products from professional labs. We will work together to get the images you want and archival-quality products that you can pass down your children and your children’s children.

I am a Nikon user, with a body and a backup, several different lenses, and lighting kits. I consider myself to be more of a lifestyle photographer. While I do some posed images of you, your family, or whoever else is getting photographed, I love to get candid moments that show true emotions and relationships. Face it, how often does your two year-old sit smiling and looking like an angel? My son never does!

If I sound like a good fit for you, please use the contact form, and we will set up a time to get started! I look forward to hearing from you!

J Renee

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Vanessa Durden says:

    I would like to speak with you about taking pics on my wedding day which is April 18th. I was referred by my coworker Shelby Crayton.

  2. j renee says:

    Hello, I apologize. I do not always get the comments on my posts right away. It’s always better to use the contact page 🙂 I hope you found someone!

  3. katie siler says:

    I was referred by Tasha Siler. Just curious about pricing for a wedding for next year 10-7-2016. What all would it include?

  4. Catherine Collins says:

    I have always hated Getting my picture taken..but Jamie put my mind at ease and made it an enjoyable experience…and the pictures she took of me were amazing, very professional and just what I wanted…Thank you Jamie

  5. Susan West says:

    Looking for a family portrait to be taken on the afternoon of Saturday April 15 in Springfield Ohio. Family consists of mom,dad, ten adult children. Celebrating mom’s 90th birthday.

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