Tom and Willow

Hello, everyone! I am moving more towards fine art pet portraits (timeless and classic) so I had two wonderful doggie models come into the studio a few weeks ago, and they did great!

Tom is a seasoned Weimaraner and has the best doggie smile. His best human bud jumped in a couple photos with him, which was super cute!

Willow is just a pup, and was a bit of a handful to get sitting still, but she did an awesome job as well! I don’t see Dalmatians too often anymore, so I was excited when her mom contacted me about the photos!

I can’t wait to do more pet portraits in the studio! Dogs, cats, and other furry, scaly, or feathery friends are always welcome!



Everyone meet Tiger! He is a gorgeous Golden Retriever with the most beautiful gold fur! He was also one of the sweetest pups I’ve met. Super well behaved, and gave us the greatest doggy smiles. I love photographing pets, and can’t wait to have more in the studio. Everyone needs a fabulous fine art photograph of their furry friend!

Crazy Dog Mom Meets Photographer

Hello, all! Happy March! For those of you that know me personally (and probably not-so-personally) you know that I am crazy about my dogs. They are my second and third child, and I definitely treat them as though they are human!

Well, today, I am celebrating Willie’s second birthday! I decided to do more of a cake for him this year, as opposed to the boring old dog birthday cookies you get from the store. After a bit of google research, I read that strawberries are pretty good for dogs, and that they can eat angel food cake because it is mainly egg whites and flour. Another quick search revealed that whipped cream cheese and honey made a nice frosting for them.

So, I bought an angelfood cake (wasn’t about to make one of those!), some strawberries, and cream cheese and made my cake. The boys hounded me from start to finish, even tried to jump on the table to reach the cake! When it was all said and done, it was pretty fast, pretty cute, and they loved it.

Another Shoot with Willie and Charlie!

Hello folks, and I hope you had a great Mother’s Day! I spent my day working, but was able to go out with my family for dinner afterwards. We took many cell phone selfies, but I’m ashamed to admit that we never found the time to do professional pictures! After my son gets his hair cut, we’ll have to go in for a post-Mother’s Day session!

I did, however, manage to snap some shots of my fur babies on my off day this morning! I did some in my studio, and also some in natural light, to kick off my the new service I will be offering to clients, which are portraits in your own home.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Portraits in MY home? My messy, overrun-with-children’s-toys home?

My answer: yes, your home. Your home is where you have the most memories, the most fun, and are the most YOU. You don’t have to have the perfect home, because frankly, who does? All you need if your family, and light. I’ll be doing a few more blog posts of in-home, natural light sessions, to give you ideas of what can be done! For now, I hope these photographs of my fur babies brighten up your day a little bit. 🙂

Valentine’s Day

Greetings, all! I hope you’ve had a wonderful February and are staying warm! My computer has been out of commission for a bit, so I haven’t really had the chance to blog! I finally rescued it from the shop today, and am able to catch up on my editing and blogging!

I decided to combine my favorite images from all my Valentine’s Day sessions into one ginormous blog post! From babies, to kids, to almost-teen, to puppies, I had a little bit of everything in my Kettering studio for Valentine’s Day! Throw in a few balloons, candy hearts, and streamers, and we’ve got one colorful post!

I hope you enjoy, and I hope you’re staying warm in this weather!