Travon’s Senior Session

Travon is graduating this year, and I was excited to photograph him for his senior portraits! He does hip hop dance and rap, so we made sure to get some photos that captured that part of his personality! I love photographing high school



Shelby and Jonathan’s E-Session

Shelby and Jonathan met in 2008 while working at Time Warner Cable. Jonathan approached Shelby to ask her about a new phone she’d gotten, and the rest was history! They’ve been dating for five years and got engaged in September of last year!

Jonathan planned a surprise proposal for Shelby and got all her friends and family involved! Shelby was supposed to be taking out a friend for birthday drinks, but it was all a clever distraction while he set up the surprise party.

I am photographing their wedding this September and am super excited! It was great getting to know them a little bit better at their engagement session at the University of Dayton a couple weeks ago! It was pretty warm outside, but the scenery was beautiful!

The Marlowe Family

I will admit, I am so far behind on blogging, it’s not even funny! At first I didn’t see the point of it, but I’m learning more and more that people love seeing the sessions I do and all the beautiful people I get to capture! So, especially during these chilly months, I’ll be catching up on my blogging with Throwback Thursdays, Way Back Wednesdays, and Flashback Fridays!

Today’s throwback is the Marlowe Family, whom I photographed in July of this year. Kara and I met when I was portfolio building and she was pregnant with her first son, Camdon. Her belly was so huge, I thought she was going to pop during our maternity session (haha!)! Even still, she was a beautiful young lady that was just completely glowing at the thought of having her first child.

Camdon just turned 4, and getting so big and handsome! He is just the sweetest little thing and has the most beautiful smile. Case, her second son, is much more mischievous and behind his little grin, you can tell he’s plotting something! I adore watching Kara’s facebook status updates about the adventures of her two little guys.

I love photographing her family. I can tell that there is an obvious love between she, Zach, and her two children. They give me hope that I might one day get married and have a relationship such as this! 😉

I hope you enjoy this post and it warms up your heart a little!

Kara Family June 2014 (5)
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Kara Family June 2014 (42) Kara Family June 2014 (53)

Kara Family June 2014 (76) Kara Family June 2014 (86)

Kara Family June 2014 (104)

Kara Family June 2014 (129)-2 Kara Family June 2014 (197)

Kara Family June 2014 (142)

Aniya turns 13!

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is being able to photograph special events and milestones! Aniya is turning 13 (Happy Birthday!!)! So naturally, we had to do a photo shoot to celebrate the coming of age!

She is a very creative person, and requested that we do pictures outside of the K-12 art building in Downtown Dayton. I drive past there nearly every day, and have never taken a second look at the building. However, it made for a gorgeous and fun backdrop! The paintings were amazing, and there were some pretty cool sculptures there as well.

Aniya was a super trooper in braving the 30-degree weather with only a light jacket and hat on to keep her warm. But, it was a very stylish outfit, indeed! And, you gotta love those boots!

DSC_7019 DSC_7029

DSC_7026 DSC_7035

DSC_7060 DSC_7063DSC_7076 DSC_7077

DSC_7089 DSC_7099

DSC_7106 DSC_7114


2014 Fall Minis

Last weekend we had gorgeous weather; the perfect weekend for my fall minis! I photographed eleven sessions over the course of two days, and they all turned out wonderfully! We were at the glorious Hills and Dales Metropark in Kettering, which had tons of beautiful fall leaves and sunshine. This, of course, always makes it an interesting challenge to try to get the little ones to cooperate and give big smiles, which is one reason I’ll be switching to Lifestyle sessions for 2015! Face it, when are your kids EVER still? I’m sure everyone would rather have pictures of their kids’ quirky personalities.

Without further adieu, view some of my favorite shots from our fall minis!

deonna  DSC_5462 latia DSC_5204 shahnicemelissa mackenzierita  shawnetta