Tom and Willow

Hello, everyone! I am moving more towards fine art pet portraits (timeless and classic) so I had two wonderful doggie models come into the studio a few weeks ago, and they did great!

Tom is a seasoned Weimaraner and has the best doggie smile. His best human bud jumped in a couple photos with him, which was super cute!

Willow is just a pup, and was a bit of a handful to get sitting still, but she did an awesome job as well! I don’t see Dalmatians too often anymore, so I was excited when her mom contacted me about the photos!

I can’t wait to do more pet portraits in the studio! Dogs, cats, and other furry, scaly, or feathery friends are always welcome!


Daddy Is My Hero

I’ve been feeling under the weather, so I’m a day late, but I did some photos as a surprise graduation/going away gift for one of my favorite families! Brendan graduated yesterday with his second Master’s Degree, and today is Starr‘s birthday, so the celebrations will be weekend-long, I’m sure! I will truly miss them and their energetic little boys and their precious baby girl!
Keep serving our country, Brendan, and God bless you all!

Charisse and Camora

Happy Spring, everyone!

I met these two beautiful ladies a couple years ago when I was photographing a wedding. They were both in the bridal party. Camora was being a total grump, but she was the cutest thing! Now she’s older and did an awesome job for her photos with her mom! Charisse picked out some great spring colors, and the photos turned out great.

I hope you enjoy!

Tatum’s Sitter Session

Hello, everyone! Everyone remember Tatum? I did her newborn photos what seemed like yesterday! These were her 7 month photos, which would be considered the Sitter Session in my Grow With Me Package, where we photograph each milestone for the first year. For the sitter session, baby can sit up and loves tummy time!

Tatum is such a sweetie and loved showing off her little teeth! And what’s cuter than a little baby bum? 🙂





Crazy Dog Mom Meets Photographer

Hello, all! Happy March! For those of you that know me personally (and probably not-so-personally) you know that I am crazy about my dogs. They are my second and third child, and I definitely treat them as though they are human!

Well, today, I am celebrating Willie’s second birthday! I decided to do more of a cake for him this year, as opposed to the boring old dog birthday cookies you get from the store. After a bit of google research, I read that strawberries are pretty good for dogs, and that they can eat angel food cake because it is mainly egg whites and flour. Another quick search revealed that whipped cream cheese and honey made a nice frosting for them.

So, I bought an angelfood cake (wasn’t about to make one of those!), some strawberries, and cream cheese and made my cake. The boys hounded me from start to finish, even tried to jump on the table to reach the cake! When it was all said and done, it was pretty fast, pretty cute, and they loved it.

Little Colton

Hello, all! I hope you are enjoying your blustery February! Everyone knows what February means… Valentine’s Day! Candy hearts, kisses, and cookies. I set up my little studio in Kettering for Valentine’s Day Minis, and little Colton was my first session! If you remember, I did his baby photos right after he was born. He’s now growing up, seven months, and a little chunker! He’s crawling all over the place and getting into everything.

Colton took some photos in my Sweet Shop, as well as some photos with his two older brothers. I got a little brotherly love and kisses in there, and lots of chubby adorableness.

I’m really getting into DIY things this year! I made the red rug. It took hours (literally) but I love the outcome of it. I also made the banners and the chalkboard. My biggest venture was the wood floor and background! I made those by hand (with a little help from a friend). Stained, drilled, and sawed, and am entirely in love with how it looks. When I move to a bigger studio, I will be doing a cream one as well.

Everyone say hi to Colton and his handsome brothers!

Fall & Halloween Minis

I am horrible at blogging, but I promised this year to do better! I’m still 13 days late (planned to do my first post on January 1st!) but I guess it’s better late than never! I’ll start off with some of my favorite images from my fall minis! I set up the studio with leaves, pumpkins, some mums and spiderwebs! Overall, I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out! I had babies, toddlers, cats and dogs!