Fall With My Family

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I know I promised to blog more this year, but I have clearly been slacking, since my last blog post was 6 months ago! So, I’ll be trying to blog my sessions every couple of days until I get caught up to the present!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons (after Christmas) so I absolutely love doing fall sessions indoors and out. This year I convinced my friends (whom I’ve known forever and call my sisters) and their mom, and my mom to do some photographs together. It’s a pretty attractive bunch of girls if I do say so myself! Of course I had to get my wiener dogs in there as well.

I hope you enjoy!


Brylen’s Newborn Session

I first met this cute little chunker when he was in his mommy’s belly for her maternity session! She was so excited about having her first little boy! He’s now three weeks older and has so many adorable rolls and a head full of curly hair. He was absolutely NOT trying to sleep during his session (the older ones usually don’t) but that’s ok, because we were able to get a lot of sweet faces and eye contact. He showed us his muscles a couple times too!

His mom’s fried crocheted him a cute outfit, complete with hat, suspenders, and bow tie. I hope you enjoy!

Marcus’s Easter

This little guy definitely came in a bit grumpy! He was tired and hungry, but we still managed to get some cute smiles out of him. He is definitely a character with a lot of personality! He totally thought the Easter eggs were real and wanted to eat them all! I’m amazed that he already looks so much bigger than when I first met him at Christmas time. I love watching the kids grow up 🙂