Daddy Is My Hero

I’ve been feeling under the weather, so I’m a day late, but I did some photos as a surprise graduation/going away gift for one of my favorite families! Brendan graduated yesterday with his second Master’s Degree, and today is Starr‘s birthday, so the celebrations will be weekend-long, I’m sure! I will truly miss them and their energetic little boys and their precious baby girl!
Keep serving our country, Brendan, and God bless you all!

Little Colton

Hello, all! I hope you are enjoying your blustery February! Everyone knows what February means… Valentine’s Day! Candy hearts, kisses, and cookies. I set up my little studio in Kettering for Valentine’s Day Minis, and little Colton was my first session! If you remember, I did his baby photos right after he was born. He’s now growing up, seven months, and a little chunker! He’s crawling all over the place and getting into everything.

Colton took some photos in my Sweet Shop, as well as some photos with his two older brothers. I got a little brotherly love and kisses in there, and lots of chubby adorableness.

I’m really getting into DIY things this year! I made the red rug. It took hours (literally) but I love the outcome of it. I also made the banners and the chalkboard. My biggest venture was the wood floor and background! I made those by hand (with a little help from a friend). Stained, drilled, and sawed, and am entirely in love with how it looks. When I move to a bigger studio, I will be doing a cream one as well.

Everyone say hi to Colton and his handsome brothers!

Good-bye, 2014!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! As we close out 2014 and enter into 2015, I just wanted to share some of my favorite faces from my Christmas shoots this year. I had a very simple studio setup, but look forward to doing even more for Christmas sessions next year!

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The Marlowe Family

I will admit, I am so far behind on blogging, it’s not even funny! At first I didn’t see the point of it, but I’m learning more and more that people love seeing the sessions I do and all the beautiful people I get to capture! So, especially during these chilly months, I’ll be catching up on my blogging with Throwback Thursdays, Way Back Wednesdays, and Flashback Fridays!

Today’s throwback is the Marlowe Family, whom I photographed in July of this year. Kara and I met when I was portfolio building and she was pregnant with her first son, Camdon. Her belly was so huge, I thought she was going to pop during our maternity session (haha!)! Even still, she was a beautiful young lady that was just completely glowing at the thought of having her first child.

Camdon just turned 4, and getting so big and handsome! He is just the sweetest little thing and has the most beautiful smile. Case, her second son, is much more mischievous and behind his little grin, you can tell he’s plotting something! I adore watching Kara’s facebook status updates about the adventures of her two little guys.

I love photographing her family. I can tell that there is an obvious love between she, Zach, and her two children. They give me hope that I might one day get married and have a relationship such as this! 😉

I hope you enjoy this post and it warms up your heart a little!

Kara Family June 2014 (5)
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Kara Family June 2014 (104)

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Kara Family June 2014 (142)