Marcus’s Easter

This little guy definitely came in a bit grumpy! He was tired and hungry, but we still managed to get some cute smiles out of him. He is definitely a character with a lot of personality! He totally thought the Easter eggs were real and wanted to eat them all! I’m amazed that he already looks so much bigger than when I first met him at Christmas time. I love watching the kids grow up ūüôā



Hey, all! I met this beautiful mom-to-be during her maternity session! She will be having her first little boy shortly! I definitely loved that she shared the outfits she was thinking about with me and put her input into her session, so we could make it just what she wanted. Doesn’t she look great?? I love phot

XOXO Minis in Full Effect!

Hello, all! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I decided to get a jump on mini sessions this year! I’ve had quite a few sessions so far, and am looking forward to doing more! Last year was my first year really getting into buying and making backdrops. This year I plan to do much more, and I started with my xoxo minis. I bought colored papers for the first time (previously stuck with black and white!) and I’m loving them so far! I also tried my hand at hand-painting and hand crafting the different shapes and objects. I’ll post a few of my favorites from the sessions I’ve done so far. I’m doing these through February 11th, so be sure to book yours!

Happy New Year!

This year, I made a few resolutions, like I’m sure everyone did. One of them was a promise to blog more often. Clearly I’m getting off to a bad start, since I’m not blogging until halfway through January! But, I promise to be more faithful about it!

My first post of the year will be a list of things that I REALLY want to photograph in 2017. Hopefully some people will see the list and book me for these things! I’m super creative, and you will love the photos, I promise! Haha. Well, here goes!

  1. A boudoir couple (sexy, bed-room type photos of a couple)
  2. Male art nude (dramatic lighting, classic and yes, all the essentials will be covered!)
  3. Fine art pets (I’ve started practicing this on my own pups, and am totally in love!)
  4. Person in full body paint (I’m thinking solid gold or sliver, then possibly move on to something more)
  5. Milk bath (photos in a claw foot tub and milk, supposed to signify breast milk, in a boudoir, a maternity, and a baby)
  6. Night portraits (this one I’ll have to do a lot of research on to figure out lighting, then I’ll totally be ready to tackle it!)
  7. A ballet dancer (an indoor and outdoor, preferably en pointe)
  8. Gymnast (adult or child)
  9. Skateboarder (at a skate park and in studio)
  10. Beach Session (I kind of did that in December with my family, but I want to do an official one)
  11. Fighter-fighter family with fire truck (pretty self-explanatory but I think it would be awesome!!
  12. Trash the dress (an official one, in a wedding dress)
  13. High School Senior in sports and other activities (outdoor and in studio)
  14. Another birth (love photographing births!)
  15. A litter of newborn puppies and/or kittens (working on this one as we speak!)
  16. A redhead with freckles (I think freckles are so lovely!)
  17. A little girl tea party (I think this would be adorable)
  18. A lady with a huge afro (wanting to do something ethnic)
  19. A family in superhero outfits (matching or coordinating)
  20. A cow (yes, random, I know, but I love cows)
  21. A paint fight session (family, or couple, either would be cute)
  22. Old-fashioned pinup (old fashioned outfits and props, maybe with an old truck!)
  23. Other animals (besides the normal cats and dogs)


A pretty long list here, but I have faith that I can get it done this year! If nothing else, I’m looking forward to trying!dsc_8042






Shelby and Jonathan’s E-Session

Shelby and Jonathan met in 2008 while working at Time Warner Cable. Jonathan approached Shelby to ask her about a new phone she’d gotten, and the rest was history! They’ve been dating for five years and got engaged in September of last year!

Jonathan planned a surprise proposal for Shelby and got all her friends and family involved! Shelby was supposed to be taking out a friend for birthday drinks, but it was all a clever distraction while he set up the surprise party.

I am photographing their wedding this September and am super excited! It was great getting to know them a little bit better at their engagement session at the University of Dayton a couple weeks ago! It was pretty warm outside, but the scenery was beautiful!

Now Announcing Accordion Minis!

Albums and books are great, and prints and wall portraits are fabulous, but they are not easily carried around and shared with others. So, I am now announcing Accordion Minis!

At an adorable size of 3×3, they feature ten of your favorite images.¬†The snap-shut cover can be a solid color¬†or customized with a cover image. They are perfect on-the-go¬†for sharing with friends and family!

They can be added on to any session at an introductory rate of $20 (or three for $45) with the solid color cover, or $32.50 (or three for $75) with the customized cover image.

Use the Contact form to contact me about booking your session!

DSC_8047 DSC_8049 DSC_8050 DSC_8053 DSC_8057 DSC_8059

Cox-Perez Wedding

Rarely do we ever get the opportunity to photograph the wedding of a family! I, however, was blessed with this opportunity this month. To not only witness my only brother getting married, but to be a part of literally every aspect of it, was totally amazing. The wedding took place in the fabulous Adelphi, Maryland at the Adelphi Mill.

Jonathan and his lovely bride, Charissa, met at a party for a mutual friend, and after some time of dating, he finally decided to pop the question! With a lovely proposal with lots of tears and laughter, Charissa said yes!

They allowed me plenty time for portraits throughout the whole day, including while they were getting ready and exchanging their gifts. This was also my first-ever First Look! I always try to convince my brides and grooms to go with this option. It gives a real and true reaction the first time you see each other. Rarely will you get a groom the bursts into tears or jumps up and down when he sees you walking down the aisle, but you’d be surprised what you’ll get in private! Their first reactions were very touching.

Their ceremony was wonderful as well. All the decorations and lights came together beautifully, and the old mill gave the perfect rustic feel. It was great to see all the family and friends come together for this very special occasion.¬†At the end of the evening, my brother and new sister made their grand exit. The sparklers didn’t last until the couple made it outside, but we were still there to cheer for them as they left. All in all, it was a fabulous evening!


DSC_8042 DSC_8088 DSC_8299

DSC_8210  DSC_8214

DSC_8230 DSC_8235 DSC_8315

DSC_8373 DSC_8377


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DSC_8648 DSC_8690

DSC_8707 DSC_8731

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