Everyone meet my new baby!

Hello, all! I hope you are having a wonderful January so far!

I have to share my excitement with everyone. I’ve been trying to rescue a dachshund for a couple months now, and have been getting nowhere. I finally had a lady recommend a rescue in South Carolina. I reached out to them and they had just gotten in a bunch of dachshunds.

The story is, a breeder bred these girls. They had only one litter of puppies, and the breeder dumped them in a shelter afterwards. My baby is so unbelievably timid. You call tell that she is terrified, but she still has so much love to give. During the entire 8-hour drive home, she snuggled my friend and me. She comes when I call her, and all she does is follow me around.

My two boys aren’t paying her much attention at the present, but I’m sure that once she warms up, they’ll all be ready to play and will be inseparable! I’m so excited to help love this baby into the wonderful puppy that I know she can be! She’s two years old, so I know she has a lot of puppy energy waiting to come out!

I haven’t named her yet. I want something ending in the -ie/-y sound, and definitely not a ‘dog’ type name.

What do you guys think??