Happy New Year!

This year, I made a few resolutions, like I’m sure everyone did. One of them was a promise to blog more often. Clearly I’m getting off to a bad start, since I’m not blogging until halfway through January! But, I promise to be more faithful about it!

My first post of the year will be a list of things that I REALLY want to photograph in 2017. Hopefully some people will see the list and book me for these things! I’m super creative, and you will love the photos, I promise! Haha. Well, here goes!

  1. A boudoir couple (sexy, bed-room type photos of a couple)
  2. Male art nude (dramatic lighting, classic and yes, all the essentials will be covered!)
  3. Fine art pets (I’ve started practicing this on my own pups, and am totally in love!)
  4. Person in full body paint (I’m thinking solid gold or sliver, then possibly move on to something more)
  5. Milk bath (photos in a claw foot tub and milk, supposed to signify breast milk, in a boudoir, a maternity, and a baby)
  6. Night portraits (this one I’ll have to do a lot of research on to figure out lighting, then I’ll totally be ready to tackle it!)
  7. A ballet dancer (an indoor and outdoor, preferably en pointe)
  8. Gymnast (adult or child)
  9. Skateboarder (at a skate park and in studio)
  10. Beach Session (I kind of did that in December with my family, but I want to do an official one)
  11. Fighter-fighter family with fire truck (pretty self-explanatory but I think it would be awesome!!
  12. Trash the dress (an official one, in a wedding dress)
  13. High School Senior in sports and other activities (outdoor and in studio)
  14. Another birth (love photographing births!)
  15. A litter of newborn puppies and/or kittens (working on this one as we speak!)
  16. A redhead with freckles (I think freckles are so lovely!)
  17. A little girl tea party (I think this would be adorable)
  18. A lady with a huge afro (wanting to do something ethnic)
  19. A family in superhero outfits (matching or coordinating)
  20. A cow (yes, random, I know, but I love cows)
  21. A paint fight session (family, or couple, either would be cute)
  22. Old-fashioned pinup (old fashioned outfits and props, maybe with an old truck!)
  23. Other animals (besides the normal cats and dogs)


A pretty long list here, but I have faith that I can get it done this year! If nothing else, I’m looking forward to trying!dsc_8042