Little Colton

Hello, all! I hope you are enjoying your blustery February! Everyone knows what February means… Valentine’s Day! Candy hearts, kisses, and cookies. I set up my little studio in Kettering for Valentine’s Day Minis, and little Colton was my first session! If you remember, I did his baby photos right after he was born. He’s now growing up, seven months, and a little chunker! He’s crawling all over the place and getting into everything.

Colton took some photos in my Sweet Shop, as well as some photos with his two older brothers. I got a little brotherly love and kisses in there, and lots of chubby adorableness.

I’m really getting into DIY things this year! I made the red rug. It took hours (literally) but I love the outcome of it. I also made the banners and the chalkboard. My biggest venture was the wood floor and background! I made those by hand (with a little help from a friend). Stained, drilled, and sawed, and am entirely in love with how it looks. When I move to a bigger studio, I will be doing a cream one as well.

Everyone say hi to Colton and his handsome brothers!