This Is How *I* Selfie.

The winter season is quite a bit slow for us photographers, for obvious reasons. As much as I LOVE shooting in the snow, finding willing participants is like, well, pulling teeth.

So what do photographers do when we get bored? Why, we take pictures, of course! It’s been a few months since I’ve done my own set of photographer selfies, so I decided to bust out the camera and a few goofy props and do so!

I was in the midst of trying on some clothes to clean out my closet (I’ve GOT to lose a few pounds) and ran across this super cute corset I wore maybe twice in the past three years I’ve had it. It made me look a bit slimmer, so I was inspired to start photographing me!

I was looking a bit naked in my headshots (haha) so I eventually switched it out for a tank top to finish up my mini session. These were all done in my apartment studio.

Behold, my selfies!!