Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope the holidays were good to you! I am happy to be starting my monthly blog again. I plan to use this to keep you all up to date on teh new and exciting plans for my business! I have all sorts of fun things planned, including monthly themes, contests, and giveaways!

Each month will have two themes that will get a discounted in-studio rate. For example, February’s themes are football (because of the Superbowl, of course!) and, what else, Valentine’s Day! So, in February, if you take pictures in your football jerseys or do a Valentine’s Day theme, all in-studio shoots will be only $30 as opposed to the normal $50!

Speaking of the studio, I am getting that together as we speak! Or should I say, as I type! I’m super excited to be able to shoot indoors when the weather is disagreeable! It will start out simple, and as my business grows, so will my in-home studio!

I am presently booking weddings for 2014! At only $100 per hour, you won’t find a better deal. I will also be teaming up with a friend and fellow photographer to be able to offer a second photographer for only $150 an hour!

I will be looking for models with certain looks to help boot my portfolio. I will announce these as needed. If you’re interested, send a few pictures to me via email at jreneecreations@gmail.com.

Everyone have a safe and prosperous new year, and talk to you soon!

Jamie Renee

Cox Family Holiday