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March 2011


Welcome to the second monthly j renee creations newsletter! The letter will be issued once per month, within the first week of the month! I will be including my favorite shots of the month, contests, specials, and other things!

April Contest

This month’s contest will be asking YOU good ideas for contests! Email me your ideas (to jreneecreations@gmail.com), and if I use your contest any month, I will give you 50% off your sitting fee and 10% off your order! So send in those ideas!






April Special

This month, I am also offering two-for-0ne sitting fees! Book your session and get a friend to piggyback your session and pay only one sitting fee! This includes both in-studio and off-site locations! Hurry, this offer expires May 1st!

I am also doing Easter shoots in my in-home studio! For April, you can come to my studio and, weather permitting, we can go up the street to Lincoln park for part 2 of your shoot for the $10 sitting fee!

Favorite April Shots

Last month was a slower month for me! People getting ready for Easter shoots, and of course the bad weather! I did have a few favorite shots of the month, though!

I did an engagement shoot for my high school friends Eboni and Deontray! Since they met in high school, they thought it was only appropriate to do their engagement shoot at our high school, Stivers! We also did a few shots at the Neon Theater up the street! They turned out really cute!

I did a generational shoot for a good friend of the family, Daria!

They had four generations represented! It was a beautiful sight to see!


Lastly, I did some pictures for some kids I baby-sit for! Ashley was turning one!

She acted as a normal one year-old, but I did snag a few cute shots of her!

The one of her looking out the window with the dog was classic!

I also snapped a picture of her brother, who has the most beautiful eyes!

What’s New?

Sunday Portrait Days!

Host your own Sunday Portrait Day! You, as the host, will pick a location, contact your friends and family to book a session the same day and location, and get 50% of the sitting fees and 5% of the picture orders! Click here for more information!

Model Casting Call!

I am looking for the following:

females willing to do boudoir/pin-up (it will be tasteful, trust me!)

children ages 5-8


– engaged

– married

– senior citizens

women willing to do trash-the-dress (shoots in your wedding gown)

women willing to do trash-the-dress with their husband in a suit

girls turning/just turned 16


-all ages

high school/college seniors

– particularly those that had specific activities they did while in school

NEW newborns


– with younger kids

– semi-nude (tasetful)

– with husband/child’s father

glamor shots (must be willing to have make-up applied and outfits picked for you)

– females of all ages, including young girls

moms, dads, and babies together


– ages 16-25

– singles

– groups


– hip hop

– ballet

– groups

– singles

i have VERY specific looks in mind so I might say no for now, but will keep you in mind for the future! Please send recent pictures and the category/categories you are looking to fit into.

There will be no charge for the photo shoot. You will get a free watermarked Facebook album, and will have the opportunity to purchase a picture disc at the discounted rate of only $25, or buy one, get one free $10 portrait sheets! This does not apply to senior portraits, but I do have a senior rep program!

Thank you for reading this month’s newsletter! Don’t forget to make sure you are signed up to receive it every month! You can do so by visiting my website, http://jreneecreations.com and clicking the contact link! Enter your email address to sign up.

See you next month!


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  1. Monica says:

    My daughter will be visiting for a couple weeks and might be good candidate for maternity (partial nude, with hubby, with big sister).

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