March Newsletter

March 2011! I am so excited to be writing today from my new business name, j renee creations! I have developed a new website,  new blog, new logo, new pricing, new packages, and everything else new! I can’t wait to hear your responses on everything!

This is the first monthly j renee creations newsletter! The letter will be issued once per month, within the first week of the month! I will be including my favorite shots of the month, contests, specials, everything!

March Contest

This month’s contest will be simple! Since I want traffic for my new website, I am enlisting your help! The person that
gets the most people to come through my website ( and use the “Contact Me” form to make comments and/or get information, will get a free session and disc with 2 print-quality images! Make sure your friends mention your name so that I will know who to credit! First runner-up will get a free sitting fee!

March Special

This March, I am offering two-for-0ne sitting fees! Book your session and get a friend to piggyback your session and pay only one sitting fee! This includes both in-studio and off-site locations! Hurry, this offer expires April 1st!

Favorite February Shots

Last month was Valentine’s Day month! So, what was more appropriate than

Valentine’s Day shoots? It was my first month using my in-home studio, and we got some great shots out of it! I tried to step outside of the box and do some different things with props and posing, and added some different looks to my portfolio!

Ashley and Chris were particularly fun to shoot! They acted themselves – goofy! – the entire time! Their emotions and love for one another truly came across in their portraits!

Stevin and Tiffany also did their engagement shoot last month, and I was able to try a few new things with them as well!

Djuana and Jermaine also did an engagement shoot! They were completely silly and themselves, which was awesome to capture!

Aaron and his children’s photographs struck me because it was so great to see a dad affectionate and loving to his children! The pictures turned out great, and his kids are absolutely beautiful!

Lastly, Jeniece Lyons made a beautiful mother-to-be! She was open to try new things and she and her husband are a gorgeous couple!

What’s New?

Sunday Portrait Days!

Host your own Sunday Portrait Day! You, as the host, will pick a location, contact your friends and family to book a session the same day and location, and get 50% of the sitting fees and 5% of the picture orders! Click here for more information!

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See you next month!